privacy policy


Content Curation & Photo/Video: My own.

Sweet and simple: I have used my own photos and videos for the most part. In instances I have taken from friends', I'd like to believe I've credited them somewhere within all the pages, but in all cases, permission was asked & granted prior to going live. Content is purely my own, i.e. opinions are mine alone. If for some reason you want to use something I have posted, ask first please, because it has taken me years of fiddling with this concept to bring it to life. This also means please don't re-share or repost my blog on any outlet (FB, Insta, Snap, LinkedIn, print media, etc), unless I have already done so. I am no expert and my day job consists of being a graduate student in the field of health policy. If you want to get in touch, you'll find a way ;) 

much love and cheers!