last "weekend" in Ecuador

last "weekend" in Ecuador

shameless selfie

funemployed, fractured my back 3 days before my birthday, and moved countries 3 days after my birthday: that was nothing short of a recipe for disaster and chaos. I looked for every excuse to stay in Ecuador, but honestly, no matter when I would have left, it would have been incredibly hard. there hasn't been a place in the world that has felt like home so much as quito did, and because of that, I celebrated my fracture, birthday, and despedida for 4 nights straight, right up til walking into UIO airport. from whipping up a variety of indian foods for all my friends and blowing out candles to dancing at the club and popping champagne to shedding a few tears and munching away at vegan day to patacones/wine/cevichocho and shedding many "last weekend" goes to show that friends really are the family we choose

I whole heartedly believe that I am meant to be surrounded by kids, but not in the 'traditional' way. while I love having kiddos in my presence, I think the best way I can provide is providing a home to someone (many someones) who otherwise don't have the resources or means to a happy home. so here it is in writing for the first time ever, that I want to adopt kids of all ages and support them to grow into the brilliant adults they are meant to be! how did I come to this revelation? it was a sunday poolside view hours before I ciao'd my way out of ecuador, away from the warm embraces of two beautiful souls who filled a void I never knew I had. Nina and Olivia taught me a little something about what it means to have a heart of gold- unconditional love for the people who love you unconditionally, no matter the circumstance.

much love & cheers!

so here are snapshots from an extended weekend filled with gin and guitig:



nina & olivia


selfie game strong






being a Hokie

being a Hokie

a toast, i.e. salud!

a toast, i.e. salud!